[New Integration] Ybug + Redmine

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Jul 26, 2020

A brand new integration with another great service has just landed! We are happy to announce the Ybug integration with Redmine. It will allow you to forward bugs reports and visual feedback as issues right into your Redmine project.

What is Redmine?

Redmine is a free and open source project management software and bug tracking system. It is a multi platform and multiple database system and it is incredibly flexible. Besides issue tracking it has a lot of features including calendars, Gantt charts, Wiki, time tracking and so much more. It is not surprising that Redmine is probably the most popular open source project planning tool out there.

How to set up?

  1. Go to your Ybug dashboard, select a project, click the Integrations tab and enable the Redmine integration (still in Beta though).
  2. Enter the url of your Redmine installation, your API key and click the "Authenticate" button.
  3. If the authentication succeeds you will be redirected to the Redmine integration settings, where you can choose a target project for new issues created with Ybug. You can also choose a default tracker and assignee.
  4. Click the "Test" button to check if everything is set up correctly. Then do not forget to click the "Save" button.
Example issue created by Ybug
Example Redmine issue created by the Ybug integration.

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