Updates in Feedback Widget: Translations and Aftersend Event

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Jan 14, 2023

We just deployed two new updates in the Ybug Feedback Widget - multi language translations setting and the "aftersend" event. These updates make it easier for developers to easily set up a multi-lingual widget and add custom functionality to the widget.

Multi-language translations

We have added a new "translations" setting that allows to easily set up multiple widget translations at once. The "translations" setting is a classic multi-language JSON where each key is a language code (e.g. 'cs', 'en', 'pt', 'it') and the value is another JSON object containing key-value pairs for the different text elements in that language. The keys are the same as in the translate setting.

So how is this actually different from the translate setting? The translate setting does not depend on the current widget language and takes precedence over the translations setting, meaning that any text elements defined in the translate setting will override the corresponding text elements in the translations setting for any language.

Multi-language JSON
Multi-lingual translations

"aftersend" lifecycle event

We have added a new "aftersend" event that is triggered after the feedback report is sent to the Ybug servers. This event can be used to add custom functionality or to capture additional information after the report is sent. The event listener will receive a json object with report data as an argument, which includes the two new properties - "id" (an ID of the new feedback report) and "reportUrl" (a link to the report detail page in the Ybug dashboard).

Aftersend event
Registering aftersend event

To use these updates, simply include them in your Ybug settings and register event listeners as described in the documentation.

We hope that these new updates will make it even easier to customize the widget. As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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