[New Integration] Ybug + Microsoft Teams

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Oct 30, 2020

We are very happy to announce, that Ybug's app finally made it into Microsoft App Source and is now publicly available. Our new Ybug + Microsoft Teams integration enables you to get instant notifications about every new feedback created with Ybug. Notifications are sent into any Microsoft Teams channel you choose.

How to install?

The configuration has two parts. First, you need to set up the Ybug connector in your Microsoft Teams account. On the connector config page you have to copy the Webhook URL. Then go back to Ybug, turn on the Microsoft Teams integration and paste the Webhook URL here. Please refer to our documentation page for more details.

Example notification created by Ybug
Example notification created by the Ybug integration.

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