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Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Jan 22, 2023

Product development is all about collecting and managing feedback from customers, stakeholders, and team members. And if you're already a Ybug user, you know that our visual feedback and bug tracking tool is a powerhouse when it comes to gathering user feedback. But, let's be real, managing all that feedback can be a hassle. That's why we're pumped to announce the Ybug + Productboard integration. If you already use Productboard, this integration allows you to collect feedback with Ybug and manage it all in one central location with Productboard. With this integration, it's easy to collect visual feedback and make data-driven decisions.

Ybug + Productboard

What is Productboard?

Productboard is a comprehensive product management software that helps product managers to prioritize, plan, and manage the product development process. It provides a central place for product managers to collect, organize, and prioritize feedback from customers, stakeholders, and team members. It also allows to create a product roadmap, track progress, and measure the impact of their work.

Ybug + Productboard

Ybug's Feedback Widget is a powerful tool for collecting visual user feedback with screenshots and/or screen recording, it allows to gather feedback from website visitors, team members, or clients with just a few clicks. Users can easily annotate a screenshot of a page or even capture a video of the screen to comment on feedback. With the Ybug + Productboard integration, all the feedback collected with Ybug's Feedback Widget is automatically pushed to Productboard's Insights, making it easy to track and manage all the feedback in one place.

How to setup?

The Ybug + Productboard integration is a breeze to set up. Just connect Ybug to your Productboard account!

Go to your Ybug dashboard, select a project, click the Integrations tab and enable the Productboard integration. You will be redirected to Productboard to authenticate and authorize the integration. You can then list some tags to assign to the feedback pushed to the Productboard. And that's it! From now on, any new feedback along with screenshots and browser information, will automatically be sent to Productboard's Insights for easy tracking and management.

Productboard - Insights
Feedback management in Productboard

Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your product development process. And as always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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