[New Integration] Ybug + Jira Service Desk

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Aug 06, 2021

Do you want to collect user feedback into Jira Service Desk? We've got you covered, because Ybug has a brand new integration with Jira Service Desk (it is now part of Jira Service Management).

The Ybug integration with Jira Service Desk will allow your users, customers or testers to report bugs and feedback as service requests right to your Jira Service Desk support team!

What is Jira Service Desk?

Jira Service Desk is a help desk software built and extended from Jira. It enables support agents to provide quick and easy answers to help seekers.

How to install?

Go to your Ybug dashboard, select a project, click the Integrations tab and enable the Jira Service Desk integration.

  1. First, you will need to authenticate with your Jira Service Desk account.
  2. Please enter an url of your Jira instance (if you use Jira Cloud, the url should look something like https://YOURCOMPANY.atlassian.net). Fill the username and password/API Token of the user you want to authenticate with. It is recommended to create a new Jira user with limited permissions dedicated to the Ybug integration.
  3. Once you have authenticated with Jira, you can select a target Service Desk and a default Request type.
  4. Click the Test button to test the integration and then Save the settings.

Ybug integration with Jira Service Desk

By integrating your Ybug account with your Jira Service Desk project, you will be able to collect visual feedback, suggestions and bug reports from your team or clients as service requests. Ybug will automatically attach screenshot and some important information about the browser environment.

Tip: If you enable Email and Name fields in your Feedback Widget, Ybug will try to raise requests on behalf of your customers (identified by the provided email address).

Example service request created by Ybug
Example Jira Service desk request created by the Ybug integration.

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