Feedback Widget: Screen recording, feedback filtering and a new language!

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Feb 27, 2023

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Then how much would a video be worth?! Plus, a new and improved filtering system to dig through that growing list of feedbacks you’ve been accumulating.

Feedback widget with Video Recording
Feedback Widget with Video recorder

Why video?

The big new feature that we’ve added to Ybug’s feedback widget is the video clip.

Sometimes, just a picture or a written comment isn’t enough to clearly communicate what’s going on. When something is moving on-screen or you need to scroll up and down to point out the issue, a video will do you a massive service.

Why try to explain and hope they get what you mean when you can just show them? Work smarter, not harder!

For example, you’re a dev and your tester is having a problem with a mouseover or pop-up menu. They can try writing a comment describing how it’s “doing this weird thing” or it’s “jumping around strangely”, or they can send a 5-second video so you can see the devilish behaviour with your own eyes.

Video clip key features

Video clip in the Dashboard
Feedback with Video clip

Once you choose the video clip option in the feedback widget, a menu panel will pop up. Smash the big red record button on the left and you’re making your first feedback movie!

You can record for up to 1 minute, complete with (optional) sound, all while using the standard tools you would in the screenshot, like drawing, arrows or frames.

More importantly, you can select the new interaction tool so you’re not just making a moving screenshot, but you’re actually able to interact with the website to show e.g. what’s happening (or not happening) that’s annoying you on a hover.

Privacy tip to obfuscate any sensitive data
Privacy tip to obfuscate any sensitive data

Before you start, you’re also able to use the privacy tool to obfuscate any sensitive data that you might be showing on your screen. We don’t need to see more than we need to see.

Once you’ve made the video clip, it gets added to the feedback just as a screenshot would be, and you can play it right in the Ybug dashboard. A link to the video clip is also distributed to whichever integrations you’re using.

Hold on, I have questions!

These details should answer any questions you might be having:

  • You can add one screenshot and one video per feedback.
  • You can choose to record full-screen or just the window.
  • You currently aren’t able to switch between windows during the video.
  • You can download the video from the dashboard if you need to.
  • The video clip feature does not work on mobiles.

If we’ve left you hanging and you’re interested to find out more about the video clip feature, shoot us a message!

Advanced feedback filtering

Dashboard: Advanced Feedback Filtering
Advanced Feedback Filtering

So you think Ybug is great and you’re getting so much feedback, but… you’re getting so much feedback! All you want is to easily find all reports that include video clips and are in progress? Great! Filter that list!

Using our new filter operators “is”, “is not”, and “is not set”, you’ll be filtering to your heart’s content in no time, watching those video clips over and over again. They really are a great new feature, right?

You can filter by tag, priority and type of feedback (or the lack of).

This feature is already available, so go play around with some tags.

Bonus: Bulgarian in the house!

Ybug’s feedback widget is now available in Bulgarian 🇧🇬. добре дошли!

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