New Feedback Widget plugin for WordPress

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Apr 04, 2020

Good news, everyone! Ybug plugin for WordPress is finally here! It allows our WordPress users to install Feedback Widget with just a few clicks.

How to install

Go to the plugin manager in your WordPress admin panel and click the Add New button. Filter plugins by searching for "Ybug", install the Ybug Feedback Widget and then activate it.

Install Ybug Feedback Widget plugin
Filter plugins by searching for "ybug".

How to setup

Configuration is very simple, after activating the plugin you will be redirected to plugin settings page. Just enter the Project ID and Save changes. The plugin is currently very simple, you can always customize the widget in your Ybug dashboard.

Ybug plugin settings
Copy and paste your Project ID.

Happy blogging!

Start collecting meaningful feedback!

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