New Update: Feedback Export, Web Fonts and Typescript

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Mar 31, 2023

Hey there, Ybug users! We've been working hard to make our product better. Here are the latest updates:

Export Feedback to CSV

We've added a new feature to the dashboard that allows you to export your feedback to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Previously, Ybug users could view their feedback in the dashboard, but (if they didn't use an integration) they couldn't easily export it to another format for analysis or sharing. This means you can easily download and analyze your feedback data using your favorite spreadsheet tool. The CSV includes all the important feedback information, such as the screenshot, user's environment details, and any comments they added. To export your feedback, simply navigate to the Feedbacks page in the dashboard, select the feedback items you want to export, and click the "Export to CSV" button.

Export your feedback to CSV

Vue Plugin: CSP nonce and Typescript

Our ybug-vue package is a plugin for the Vue.js framework that allows developers to easily integrate Ybug's feedback widget into their Vue.js applications. With this update, we've added two important features. First, we've added the option to define a Content Security Policy (CSP) nonce for our feedback.

We've added an option to define a Content Security Policy nonce for our Feedback Widget. This allows our widget to run on CSP secured sites, so you don't have to worry about security issues. You can enable this feature by passing a `nonce` value to the plugin configuration.

A CSP nonce is a unique random value that is added to the HTML markup of a page to enable inline scripts and styles, while still maintaining strict security controls. This allows Ybug's feedback widget to work on sites with strict CSP rules, which is increasingly important for web security.

Ybug types

Second, we've rewritten the plugin to Typescript. This means that the plugin now exports types, which makes it easier for developers to work with the plugin in their code editor. You should get better code completion and type checking when using the plugin in your Vue projects.

Feedback Widget: Choose Your Font

We know that branding is important, and choosing the right font is a big part of that.

That's why we've added the ability to choose from several popular font families on Google Fonts. By default, the widget uses the Mukta font. While this font looks great on many sites, some users wanted more options for customizing the widget's look and feel.

Customize font in your Feedback Widget

With this update, you can choose from fonts like Open Sans, Roboto, Oxygen, Montserrat, and more. And if you prefer to use your system's default font, we've added a special option for that too. This means that the widget will use the Operating System's default font, such as San Francisco on macOS, Roboto on Android, and so on. With this option the widget might also load faster, as the Widget does tot have to load the custom web font.

We hope you enjoy these updates and find them useful for your feedback needs. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us.

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