Use Your Ybug Email Exactly To Your Liking

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Nov 28, 2021

We came up with a great way of making Ybug even more efficient for you. Integrating Ybug with your email now means that you can specify what feedback information you receive in your email. How cool is that?! Intrigued? Read on!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

We made the whole process super easy so that you can complete it in less than a minute. To set up your Ybug email integration, you either select an existing project or add a new one to proceed.

Select an existing project or create a new one

Integration is the word you´re looking for

Once you´ve selected your project, there is only a couple of more clicks to get you to your personalised Ybug Email. Bellow the name of your project, you will find the word “Integrations”, and that´s exactly what you´re looking for. Do not hesitate and click it.

Go to integrations

Go for it right away or test it first

After you turn on your email integration, you can either proceed with your feedback details or choose a quick test to see if your email address is linked, and therefore the integration works.

Step one:

Enable email integration

Step two:

Email integration settings

And this is what the notification in your email will look like:

Email notification example

Make it simple or complex

It is entirely up to you how detailed your integrated Ybug email is going to be. You can either receive a simple notification and access your feedback through Ybug, or get a compact feedback containing all data right in your mailbox. How do you do that? Simply click “Advanced settings” and choose whatever information you wish to receive. Long story short, you decide whether you access your Ybug feedback solely via email or through your IT tools.

Email integration advanced settings

Beauty is in the detail

We made sure that the selection of forwarded data is wide enough to make your life easier. One of the options that we´d like to highlight is that you can customize whether you want to receive your feedback screenshots attached or make them visible in the body of the Ybug email. This feature applies to other Ybug integrations.

Loving it? Doubting it? Let us know.

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