Product update: Custom data retention policy

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Dec 18, 2019

We've added a custom data retention policy to your team settings to allow you to better align with your company's retention policy and data privacy standards.


By default, Ybug will retain your team’s feedback reports, screenshots and all comments as long as your account is active. On a STARTUP plan and higher you can now customize your data retention settings and automatically delete feedback reports, report data and comments after a set amount of time. A retention policy can be changed in Team settings.


Data retention options


There are three options when choosing data retention for your team:

  •                Keep everything                

    This is a default setting. Ybug will keep all your feedback reports, unless you or one of your team members manually delete them.

  • Delete closed reports after given number of days                

    Ybug will permanently delete any CLOSED feedback reports after a set period of time you specify. This setting can be as short as one day and it is more safe, as it deletes only closed reports (for example a feedback report can be closed automatically after forwarding to an integration. If the integration fails, your report will not be deleted)

  • Delete any reports older than given number of days                

    Ybug will permanently delete any feedback reports that are older than a specified amount of time. This setting can be as short as one day, be careful and talk to your team before adjusting it.


Please note, that report deletion is permanent and irreversible. Deletions with data retention policy are performed on a once per day basis.


Set you data retention policy

  1. Go to your Team settings > Data Retention
  3. Select your policy and number of days
  5. Click the Save button. Your changes take effect immediately, but it may take up to 24 hours for reports to be deleted.
            Data retention policy settings            
Data retention policy settings

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