Ybug Browser Extensions Now Available For Non-registered Users

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Feb 24, 2022

We’ve started the process of connecting the best of both worlds: the Ybug browser extension and the Feedback Widget. We’re opening up Ybug browser functionality for non-registered users. Sometimes, not having to choose is the best choice!

No more logging in for Ybug browser extension!
No more logging in for Ybug browser extension (well, sometimes)!

The main difference? The need to log in

The Ybug browser extension is best for testers and team members, and gives you pixel-perfect screenshots when reporting a bug. Great, right? But up until now, the Ybug browser extension only worked for registered users after logging in to their account.

Without a Ybug registration, the only option for bug reporting was the Feedback Widget. It’s user-friendly and can be customized in a million different ways. It also allows for unlimited reporters, and you still get the option to add a screenshot. But it is primarily targeted at the end user. If you’re a tester or dev, you’ll want a browser extension.

The Ybug browser extension is for testers, the Feedback Widget is for end users
The Ybug browser extension is for testers, the Feedback Widget is for end users

Remember, no Ybug account means no bug reporting using the extension. And we agree that that can be a pain in the keyboard. Nobody likes to waste time logging in. That’s five seconds you could spend poking a joke at Charlie over there.

Or say your client has hundreds of employees that you want to be able to report to you. They all have the browser extension, but requesting each person get their own Ybug account? Insane. There’s no way so many individual accounts would make any sense, not to mention the nightmare of setting up and managing all those accounts.

A simple but brilliant solution

If a user with the Ybug extension arrives at a Ybug project website (meaning it already has ybug_settings in the HTML), the Feedback Widget will automatically appear. This means the user can simply open the Widget and start bug reporting, no log-in necessary.

This will solve the problem of the client with hundreds of employees I mentioned above, as well as save anybody time and a few clicks if they already have the Ybug extension. It’s like a little thank you from us. We see you using Ybug over there, thanks!

Of course, on any non-Ybug-infused website, the extension will still require logging in before a report can be sent. Reporting a bug now couldn’t be easier.

The cherry on top

This update has another little bonus outcome: If a user with the Ybug browser extension arrives at a website with Feedback Widget installed, the screenshots the widget takes will be as pixel-perfect as the ones made directly in the extension. Score!

It’s a small step for man, but a big step for comfortable bug reporting.

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