Befriend the Law with Our New Privacy Policy Feature

Radim H.
Radim Hernych
Nov 20, 2021

New day, new function. The modern days are all about staying safe, don’t you think? Either way, all websites interact with user data in some way. This means that having a website mandates you to include a privacy policy on that website. That’s when our new function comes in. Behold!

Widget with Privacy policy required

It is all about the consent

Yes, make sure that whoever visits your website knows that your intentions are clear as day. Like it or not, the law requires you to inform visitors about what data you collect, how it is used, stored and protected. This is especially important when receiving feedback. Together with visitor’s feedback, Ybug sends you the visitor’s name, the speed of the internet connection, the size of the display they are using, etc. Bear in mind that according to the law this shall not happen without the visitor’s explicit consent, so no funny business.

“Widget configuration” saves the day again

Let’s introduce you to our new Privacy Policy feature that will save you from possible fines and any kind of law enforcement. You can add a checkbox saying “I agree to the Terms of Service” to the feedback form.

As per usual, we make it super simple. Right next to “Integrations” you will find the term “Widget configuration” which leads you to a yellow button saying “Customize widget” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Widget customization

Ready, steady, privacy policy go!

On the next page, scroll all the way down to find the “Consent to Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy” option. Turn it on. There, you just make your website feel safer with a single click. Congratulations. From now on, whoever visits your website is going to feel comfortable enough to share their personal information with you.

Widget customization - Require consent

You and the law are best friends now

Thanks to this extremely handy feature, you will manage to not only make anyone who visits your website feel safe, at least virtually speaking, but you will also manage to befriend the law. Long story short, there is nothing stopping you from having the most successful website there is. Rock on!

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